About us

Interview List is a website to help jobs seeker to prepare for job interviews. InterviewList.com has helped thousands of job seekers to succeed in acing job interviews and getting the job they want. It is part of Jobs and Career website network. 

There are tons of websites and information there that you can choose to prepare a job interview. What makes Interview List unique and different is that interviewlist.com website has all the information and tools that help job candidate ace an job interview.

1. Thousands of real interview questions and answers organized by companies and job titles

We have comprehensive interview questions and sample answers for over 20,000 companies, job titles and different functions. You will find almost all the possible job interview questions that could be asked in a typical job interview.

2. Interview advice, tips and guides that cover every aspects of an interview

From how to dress for interview to how to followup after an interview, Interview List has advice, tips and guides that will help job candidates feel more confident, and succeed in the job interview.

3. Interview answer and preparation tools

Job seekers can save relevant interview questions, save sample answers or type their own answers. You can also organize all those questions. You can save relevant advice, tips and guides as well. All those information can be organized by companies or job titles. You can also print it out to bring it with you before interview.

4. Interview answer review by interview coaches

You can also request professional interview coaches to review your prepared answers. You can also simply ask them any questions you have for an interview. Their advice and suggestions could surely help your preparation to the next level.

We truly hope Interview List help you in the job interview process. Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.